a cane toad in florida - one of many common animals that are invasive speciesPests are unfortunate no matter the variety. But did you know that some of these pests are invasive? The wildlife of Florida boasts a wide variety of animals and some of them are taking over. Think of pests that carry diseases, cause property damage, and even disrupt populations of native animals. Fighting invasive pests can be difficult as it takes many resources to combat their persistence.

So how can you have a pest-free home? At Heron Home & Outdoor, our professional pest control services provide complete and thorough pest solutions. Understanding five common invasive animal species plaguing Florida can help with preservation efforts as well.

Cane Toads

Like other species of toads, the Cane Toad is toxic. Though their secretions do not seriously harm humans, touching them can irritate the skin. However, cane toads can be a big problem for animals, especially dogs. When other animals bite into a cane toad, they can have seizures. Cane toads also eat native fish and insects.


The lionfish, with its mohawk of poisonous spikes, are intimidating-looking, and they have behaviors to match. One of the largest threats this fish poses is its ability to disturb the underwater ecosystem, including coral reefs off the coast of Florida. Lionfish eat native fish and are threatening many populations.

Green Mussels

The green mussel has been invading coastlines for about two decades. Green mussels have hampered the shipping industry by damaging boats and clogging valves on ships. These pests have been causing a large biological and economic impact, especially in the commercial fishing industry by clogging traps.

Tegu Lizards

Tegu lizards are large and can look scary, but they aren’t interested in confronting humans. Still, tegu lizards have become a nuisance. These 4-foot-long reptiles are aggressive toward native birds and reptiles. They also eat the eggs of turtles and alligators.

Feral Cats

Cats are popular household pets in Florida and anywhere else. As a pet, cats can be a lovable part of the family. Feral cats prey on birds, and a single cat may kill up to 100 birds a year. Even pet cats can hunt birds with this kind of efficiency. Another problem is that cats that spend too much time outdoors can carry parasites that kill certain mammals. Do you keep your cat outside a lot? It may be time to let your furry friend inside more often.

How Residents and Businesses Can Respond

Preventing the spread of invasive species is one of the best steps to take in reducing the population. Professional pest control services are a great resource in helping to curb and remove these pests from your property. Heron Home & Outdoor is based in Orlando and has been providing exceptional services since 2002. We can help combat these invasive species by:

  • Remove pests from your home or business.
  • Help prevent pests from interfering with the local ecosystem.
  • Offer advice on how to keep pests away.

Our superior, eco-friendly pest control methods eliminate many common household pests. Contact Heron today for an instant, free quote!

5 Species So Common You Might Not Know They’re Invasive in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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